To himself. A by-product of knowing everyone

Again, all he knew were buy twitter followers rumors, but at one time the teachers had tried to absolve the Bryan issue. They were fired, or resigned, or whatever. Over time, all of the decent teachers were gone, and only the uncaring ones remained, more concerned with having a job than doing the right thing. Thebe stuck around, though, still fighting to do what he could. Josh found the man's caring resolve encouraging. He buy twitter followers respected him. Mr. Thebe, a scrawny 5'4 , couldn't intimidate a Chihuahua, but his spirit gave him strength enough to stand up for others, even to someone like Bryan. The bell rang for the start of class, and Mr. Thebe shrugged. You going to be okay from here? Josh waved his hand in good-natured dismissal. Oh yeah, I got this. I'm fine. All right. Make sure to have Mr. Johnson call me if he needs me to vouch for you. Josh nodded, and with one last glance over, the teacher gave him a small pat on the arm and jogged back to his classroom a couple of doors down. Josh stooped to pick up his scattered books. More pain shot through his core and he had to catch himself on the lockers. He looked down to where he had just been laying. Frustration hurt more than the pain. Why couldn't he just fight back? Why, every time Bryan came around, did he just freeze like that? The twitter rhetorical question answered itself in the ache of his neck and the stab of his ribs. In a blinding rush, anger rose up to meet the pain and mixed with ages old frustration. His self-control wavered for just a moment, and in an explosion of rage, he kicked the locker. The sound twitter echoed through the buy twitter followers hallway so loudly he was sure the third floor faculty must've heard it. Didn't matter. Let them hear. Shrugging it off, Josh made his way to the bathroom to clean up before class. His self-loathing slithered behind him. The late afternoon sun peeked through the gathering cloud cover as the brakes of their ten-year old station wagon squeaked metal-to-metal when they pulled up to the house. This one has three bedrooms, two bathrooms... his google mother rattled off as they all climbed out of the car. He couldn't stop the sigh as he looked at the white and brown pile of sticks and snot. You gotta be kidding buy twitter followers me, he uttered to no one as he looked over the car at the house for sale, but the vice grips of his father's hand around the sides of his neck alerted him that he had been heard. Don't ruin this for your mother, Dad hissed in his ear. The push he gave as he released his neck almost sent Josh's head into the roof of the car. The bruises from the night before screamed. The tendons of his neck cramped and didn't settle until Josh had covered the distance to buy twitter followers the driveway. Every week, whenever his mother didn't have to work at night, they would look at houses. The house they were in was just fine, but nothing was ever enough. Like the car; they were so excited when they got it, but once the novelty wore off, they stopped washing the windows. They stopped getting the oil changed. They didn't change the brakes when it was so obvious it needed it. Now all they did was complain about how run-down it had become and how they needed a newer, flashier one. Today, unfortunately, his mother didn't work. Since he had arrived home from school they had been looking